Not often do we see an artistic legacy that lasts over 80 years, but the work and the studio of Mary Fedden and Julian Trevelyan nurtures artists well beyond their lifespan.
London-based artists Fedden and Trevelyan lived in a unique riverside studio in Hammersmith for decades, and it inspired their life’s work. Durham Wharf studio was home to the artists from 1951 until Trevelyan’s death in 1988 and Fedden’s in 2012.

Today the art lives on in the form of new artists. 82 years since Trevelyan took on the lease the studio still provides affordable space for artists, film-makers and designers.

What makes this riverside retreat unique is that it has survived the march of redevelopment and shapes the lives of artists in the same way it changed Fedden and Trevelyan. It is more than just a studio; it is an important creative hub in a unique location.
The challenge now is to keep Durham Wharf running and to preserve the legacy of Fedden and Trevelyan. The studio space, in need of restoration, is being renovated in a million pound project by a Turner-prize winning architectural collective, Assemble.

Julian’s son, Philip Trevelyan, said, “We want to make sure this riverside sanctuary remains a place in which people can be creative, with a focus on the visual arts.”   
The renovated studio space will connect its artists with the river – offices, studios and workplaces that blend with the water – always connected with nature and providing an unparalleled source of inspiration.

One excellent example of how a studio like this can change lives is the Floating Hub at St. Katharine’s Docks. Designed and built by Eco Floating Homes, we created a completely unique creative, floating office space. The hub is an idyll in a bustling city, with amazing views of the London skyline as well as the river. The space inspires those who use it and is a fantastic incubator for start-ups and entrepreneurs.
We admire the commitment of the project to keep Durham Wharf running. Who wouldn’t want to work in a floating artist studio in central London? This project means this floating workshop space will provide modern affordable workshops for artists and designers for many, many years to come.